Thursday, June 10, 2021

Juneteenth...White Guilt on Display

 Okay. Today I am going to hit a topic that could get me in trouble with white and black people, but I feel very strongly about it seeing as my local town council (all white folks BTW) have made a proclamation about it, so here I go...Juneteenth, a day celebrated by Texans (until last year when the rest of the USA learned about it) to remember when enslaved peoples learned about the Emancipation Proclamation and were "granted" freedom.  Now it has become a rallying cry for white folks with white guilt to make like they are super people for declaring black folks are free. What the serious hell?...

I have had many black friends over the years and known many black people from all stations in life and have never thought to myself, "you know what would be really great? If somehow white people would really TALK about how we need to acknowledge black people's accomplishments in our country." I have also never known a black person who felt the need to be justified in their existence by white people. I mean all this recent white folks jumping on the BLM bandwagon, and the white guilt/privilege bandwagon is a joke. I'm here to tell people that black folks do NOT need white folks to tell them they are "special" or "great" or that they deserve freedom. Black folks already know this.

Just because modern white liberals have decided that with all their privilege that they somehow need to make up for their ancestors past mistakes does not mean that they should. I am DISGUSTED at how liberals (of all colours) treat the average black person (and other people of non white, whatever colour that may be, colour). How DARE liberals feel that they have to put hard working black folks into a box and tell them that they are and have been beaten down, and that there is systemic racism everywhere? Bull sh*t!. Have black and brown folks been treated differently? Sure, in some instances yes. Is it right? Hell NO it is not. But it is not "systemic" it is bias...and bias is different from racism. If it were about race, why are conservative black people attacked by these same "concerned" liberals for not being willing to be victims or their narrative?

People love to use statistics to push this agenda. Truth is more unarmed white men are shot and killed by police than black men. More white men are in prison then black men... now that's when statistics come into play. The percentage of black people is higher than white people in jail nation wide so that negates the actual numbers...or does it? I don't think the white mother who lost her son is any less hurt than the black woman who lost her son. Police will treat lower class white folks pretty badly too. In small towns the local "bad boys" will be tagged because of their families, not actual behaviours. Is that any less bad? Being targeted because of who people or police perceive you to be? Police reform should be more than just colour based. Societal and police bias are not reserved for a colour group. I mean if we're going to go by statistics and percentages, I would like to know since over half the population is female then why aren't half of the people in jail or shot by police women? I mean doesn't that make police sexists, since they don't arrest and shoot more women? Do you see the flaws in using statistics and percentages? It's all to divide us, because when we're divided the "bad guys" can control us...making the whole of society slaves to the political elite machine. God help them if we ever came back together and stood up to their evil plots to control us all.

I have always hated the idea of slavery. When we learned about it in school, I never understood how anyone could think of other humans as somehow less or like animals. I still to this day do not understand hating someone because of what they look like. And I DO NOT understand why people who have never and would never own another person (black or white) would feel guilt about someone else doing it in the past. I am so very tired of White people with guilt trying to make the past better. You cannot make the past better. Whatever evils happened, happened. The way to make it better is to not repeat those mistakes. To not make another race feel inferior when they are not. Like it or not these well meaning white liberals have created victims because of the idea of victimhood. They have, by their very guilt, become racist. They see a black person and immediately see victim. They see a black person and immediately feel like they need to help them. Why? HELLLOOO, black people do not need white people to save them. Black people do not need liberals or government to save them. What they (and everyone) needs if for liberals and government to leave them alone. Quit telling them that they can't learn. Quit telling them that they can't get jobs or get in college. Quit telling them that they are criminals. Things like a Juneteenth proclamation seem great. But what do they do? They make white people with white guilt feel like they are doing something for the "poor little black folks." 

How about, instead of proclamations and hyperbolic symbolism, you just treat everyone like they are human and capable. No one needs your liberal privilege. All people need is for you to shut up, go away, and let them live. I am white. I do not hate black people or people of other races. I don't really hate anyone. I would say I dislike leftist liberals, but that is based on their behaviour not anything visible by looking. I believe that everyone matters. But until we change the narrative from this group or that group the only thing that will matter is who is pulling the strings, and do any of us matter to them? Does anyone really matter anymore? Leave me a comment.

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

A Long Ramble

 Hi. It's been two weeks since I've visited the so much because I had nothing to say, but because I had so much to say, but couldn't figure out how to write it. I also had my youngest son home, getting out of the Navy and finding a new job...which he did within two weeks of looking. However, the job was in Florida, so I spent the better part of that time helping him figure out how to move his stuff (which had just been delivered to our home.) A quick trip to Florida with a full van and full car got him moved into his new abode. So, once again, I have a bit of empty nest syndrome. Thankfully my other son lives nearby so I get to see him and my grand daughter regularly. Blessings abound in my life...thanks be to God.

Anyhow, my thoughts are still swirling, and while my personal world is rolling along, same as always, the world at large is getting crazier and crazier. Sadly, I fear soon it's complete disfunction will begin affecting my little world. I sit by and watch all that was good in my upbringing being torn away. Where once we tried to see past race and look at a person's heart, today all that matters is the colour of someone's skin. And past evils are being brought forth as if they just happened yesterday, instead of in the past having had lessons learned. The hatred I see being spouted from the President and left of this country is astounding. It used to be small pockets of haters would spew their rhetoric and be shut down quickly by society, but now, it seems that everywhere is someone crying racism, racism, racism and "woke" society is clamouring to embrace it. It's as if Charles Manson's dream is finally coming to pass. It makes me want to scream...but what is the point? 

The human condition seems to be, once we get close to love, equality, and freedom, we have to screw it up. Living comfortably and safely makes the newer generations feel threatened. They create chaos when there doesn't need to be any. Why? Why not take whatever "privilege" you think you have and actually go help those you see as oppressed? Why not work to fix the wrongs you perceive? Give up your college spot to someone you feel deserves it more. Give up your job to someone you feel has been wronged. Give your house or apartment to those you feel have been disenfranchised. How does beating people or making people feel that they are oppressed help them? How does burning down hard working people's stores and homes help anyone? If giving money to people helped get them out of poverty, the United States and the rest of the Western world would have no poverty. If giving opportunities for free education made people smarter the United States and the rest of the Western world would have no unedcuated people. We spend more on welfare and education and yet NO ONE can make the people embrace it. Give people money, why would they work for it? Obviously free education is useless as so many of our young folks can't read or write well, and well, once you say mathematics (the one thing that is only factual) is racist and needs to change it's obvious that education is not the goal. 

You can give opportunities to everyone, but that does not mean they will embrace it or run with it. Our human nature seems to be do the least and desire the most. You want to be filthy rich? Well, you have to work long hours. You have to miss the kids sports and anniversaries. You'll have to miss date nights and vacations. Happily, most people do not want to make the sacrifices necessary to get rich. People are putting family first, and like it or not, if you don't work you should not get paid. You want to take time off to raise that family, then you sacrifice. You do without. That is why God (and yes I believe in Yahweh, the one true God) created men and women to get married and have children. It's not so the man can lord it over the woman, but so that ONE parent could do the work in the home and one parent could do the work to afford the home. It's why community is supposed to be about supporting each other, and not just looking out for one group or another and disregarding those you don't like. If we had less single family homes (yeah, I said it) and more desire to work through problems instead of putting our SELF first and just throwing away what is hard it would be better. A family CAN live on one income if they sacrifice...if the family is mum, dad, and kids (and extended family or community if extended family is not around). 

But we have become a nation and world of government being the one who takes care of everything. Dad wants to leave? The government will give the money to exist. Mum doesn't want dad around anymore? Government will give the money to exist. But do we only want to exist? Do we want our children growing up being tossed between parents? Do we want our children having a new parent come into their lives only to have them thrown away later when it doesn't "work"? There is nothing to bind families together anymore. Selfishness is pretty much all I see around society. Me-ism is going to be the downfall of the West. Perhaps that is what it was set up to do. Get to the point where individuality trumps everything else. Even groups who claim they want unity and community only want it if their personal desires are met, so the modern notion of unity and community is a fiction. 

I always believed my books COULD be a reality, but in my heart I hoped it really was conspiracy theory. I really hoped the past would not repeat itself, but here it is, bold as your face. We may not be in sustainable communities yet, but "sustainable development" is ruling every aspect of our lives, driven by the power brokers and oligarchs that have become the kings of the earth. And freedom, especially the kind Americans claim is non existent...a fairy-tale. I have watched the last year, people do things they did not believe in, so they could they could shop. And now I'm watching people who do not want vaccines go ahead and get one because they want to work, or shop, or travel. Where is the freedom? People are slaves and don't even know it. This is why I wonder why I bother to blog...or write. Are people even able to see the truth anymore? Do they want to? Has love of self (otherwise known as self esteem) replaced freedom? I think it has. 

Well, enough rambling for today. Anyone who's reading I hope you resist the devil, and I hope you put your faith in God rather than your self. AND if you're bored and want a good book series to read, check out RESISTANCE . It's available to buy in softcover or ebook and if you have kindle unlimited you can simply download it for free. God bless. See you next week...if I'm feeling up to it.

Friday, May 14, 2021

Big Old Blah's


Hi. Sorry for my complacency with writing. I honestly just haven't been feeling it. I have been feeling depressed lately (feeling, not clinically). I used to have a natural fortress of solitude in my back garden. Now it's plagued by people who seem to care more about teaching their kids sports than about nature. Barking dogs when I just want a bit of peace in the garden. Native habitats cut down to make room for grass. I just don't get it. I feel like Tree Beard from one cares about growing things anymore. The wheels of industry turn and the rest is just in the way. *sigh* Neighbors that don't say hi or even acknowledge anyone else's existence. Also, my grand daughter will be going back to in-person learning next year, so I know she'll be getting the vaccine and being taught to be a sheep...follow the crowd, ignore common sense and science. It's all getting to be hard to find joy.

HOWEVER, I do find contentment in watching the birds and critters playing in the few trees left around. The garden is still green and nature still does it's thing. My friends are true and steadfast and my close family is a comfort in troubled days. There is always something to find joy in, but watching the decline of our civilization day by day saps my strength. Yes, I know there is nothing I can do about it...pray and stand firm in the truth. I know that God is in control and I do know the outcome, it's just overwhelming to watch.

Sorry for the lament...I just wanted to try and stay on track, and while people love to hear the positive thoughts of those of us who write, I think it's important to also share the times when we feel the hard things in life. I'm sure by the next time I write I will be in a better place, but for now I am simply resisting the urge to hide away. 

My favourite Psalm is number 27. "The Lord is my light and my salvation; Whom shall I fear?The Lord is the defense of my life; Whom shall I dread?...Wait for the LordBe strong and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the Lord.

Monday, April 26, 2021

Back on Track (at least for this week)

 Hi Everyone! Yes it is Monday and I'm actually writing a blog. It's been a really good weekend, so I figured I'd not procrastinate this week and get it'd y'all like my poem last week? From the number of views I'll take it that it's not good! hahaha. Poetry has never been my forte. 😁

So here it is the last week in April and I've got most of my garden flowers in the ground and pots, and the tomatoes and peppers in the ground. This week I'll be putting in the peas and setting up the fencing for my bean plants. Most warm weather seeds don't go in "until the peony bushes (pronounced as "piney bushes" by the valley locals) bloom" (it's a Virginia saying, but it does seem to be a good rule of thumb).

Once the gardens are set, I will finally get down to working on some new projects. Obviously the new novel series, but also my children's stories. The Catkins are busy on adventures waiting to be immortalized in writing and the magical world of A'all has many magical happenings to regale hungry readers of fantasy. My mind is a-buzz with thoughts and plots and characters...thankfully digging in the dirt and planting makes my imagination soar!

Hopefully a book signing event will be in the works for the summer. I do miss chatting with folks about my novels and hearing feed-back from actual humans, not just texts and messages. I never intended to actually publish anything, it was friends who encouraged me to take to the publishing path...and my few fans appreciate it, which is the reason I continue to post this blog. I see a few people peek in from time to time. 

Hope you all have a great week. Always remember to RESIST the foolishness of the world and follow the truth!!!

Friday, April 23, 2021

I'm Here


I'm here.

Today is sunny.

The sun brings life.

Life is in the garden.

The garden is a place of magic.

Not the magic of the world, but the miracles of God.

Miracles make me feel magical.

Magical gardens are full of life.

Life is fueled by light.

Light shows truth.

The truth is...

I'm here.

Thursday, April 8, 2021

What is an Artist???

 Hi y'all! I'm a few days late, but I am keeping to my promise to blog once a week. It's funny how I started this blog to sell books (which I still hope to do), but I find the evolution of my newest blogging plan from my journey as a writer to all the other things I've discussed as refreshing. This week I'm going to share my thoughts on "art".

So many people consider art to be painting, drawing, and sculpting...some may consider writing an art, but what about architecture? What about development planners (business, housing, society)? And what about my thoughts for today...gardeners? Gardeners are most certainly artists. We start with a blank pallet or an over-whelming picture of too many colors and shapes that make no sense. 

When I first moved to my home (19 years ago) I made sure to keep the small wooded area behind the lawn in tact. HOWEVER, it was overgrown with vines and saplings and other growth. But I had a vision (one my husband could not see, but let me go about my business). I spent a few months clearing out the undergrowth with my lawnmower. FYI, lawnmower blades are powerful, but when they meet large stones and stumps and small trees they get very, VERY dull. I hope you have someone or the knowledge to replace the blade or sharpen it (my husband likes to use his Dremel on the blade). Anyway, after I had mowed down the growth, I had to kill off the poison ivy and poison oak, which had quite a foothold. A wonderful weed killer called "Brush Be Gone" (which you cannot buy anymore) took out those hard to kill vines and left me with a clear area full of cedar trees--lovely (or was it?)

With inspiration from a local arboretum, I decided to use the fallen trees we had cut up as path boarders, and put down weed barrier and pea gravel. Another helpful hint--don't use pea gravel on a path that get lots of water run off. Use a larger stone (which I realized after my pea gravel washed down into my neighbor's yard) which will hold up to erosion caused by rain. The pathway was and is beautiful, but I soon realized that the empty space had to be filled. If I had just left some of the native plants I wouldn't have had to buy things to fill it...but I did, most of which died due to the cedar trees sucking up all the water. Now the empty areas are filled with planters and columbine and periwinkle and a few native bushes that managed to replant. After 19 years it is lovely to enjoy as an outdoor room.

This week has been LOVELY weather, so instead of writing the blog, I chose to get out and do some digging to prepare the vegetable gardens. Yesterday I hand tilled the soil waiting for pea seeds (covered with metal mesh to keep the rascally squirrels from digging them up), and the larger lower garden area that will host beans and cucumbers and zucchinis this year. Thankfully I have a massive dandelion patch in the middle of the pea/tomato garden area which will serve as a walking path...and since bees love dandelions it will help with pollination. I look at my gardens and see art. The plans for architecture on which the vining plants will grow; the tomato area; the beans; and a future plan for large vining plants like watermellon and squash at the very bottom of the gardens where grass currently grows. 

Of course my many flower gardens are art, and this year I filled them with fairies that I painted twoweeks ago. As we've heard "art is in the eye of the beholder". Well, I think gardening is most definitely an art and to all my writer friends and other indoor professionals when you get out in the garden let it be your art...let it ignite your imagination and try different ideas. A garden is an empty pallet waiting to be painted and sculpted and written into existence. I think I do most of my imagining for my stories in the garden. And I hope this blog encourages you to enjoy the time you have, even if it's just pots with plants or rock gardens...let your imagination run wild and have fun with it all.

And while I know it's bad form to try and sell books all the time in blogs, it is my art. Writing pictures with words is my vocation, and I love it. I love sharing it. I love the world and characters that I have created and I hope you might want to purchase a copy and jump into the world I created. Have a blessed day and remember to always be the RESISITANCE to just existing...go out and LIVE!

Buy Books 

Monday, March 29, 2021

Government Created Crisis


This is an excerpt from my first novel, "Resistance, The Revelations." I published this in 2011, but the setting is 2020. Different vaccine, but same outcome? You decide. Enjoy.



Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of

darkness, but instead even expose them.

 – Ephesians 5:11


As a man is said to have a right to his property, he may be equally

 said to have a property in his rights. Where an excess of power

prevails, property of no sort is duly respected. No man is safe

in his opinions, his person, his faculties or his possessions.

—James Madison




Dateline September 2020

Global News Network

Amanda Wright



oday the United Global Heath Administration (UGHA) has acknowledged a strange uptake in sterility cases among child bearing age women and men. According to administrative minister, Catherine Sunsteen, the epidemic seems to be related to complications from the H1N1 vaccines that were given ten years ago at the height of the swine flu scare of 2009. UGHA scientists are currently studying the problem.

Sunsteen stated, “While this is certainly sad for those women and men desiring children, this is actually a positive thing. We’ve over-populated the Earth for generations, and now perhaps, through this sad side effect, we can begin to keep the human population in check. This will be seen as a positive thing by future generations.”


     Short and to the point…exactly what any good reporter should do, Thought Amanda Wright, a statuesque, blonde, valley-girl. It was her first assignment for the new news organization, Global News Network (GNN), and she intended to give it her best shot. While writing news feeds for arrogant news anchors wasn’t her dream job, as a veteran, investigative journalist, it was a great honor to be chosen to be a part of the initial phase of the global press corp. Who would’ve thought after all the upheavals of the early part of the century that the world would actually mobilize as one united planet? A dream not shared by all, especially Americans and Middle Eastern Countries, but none-the-less a reality. After the fall of the American dollar and the collapse of western markets, not to mention the failed attempt at Islamic world rule, there really wasn’t anywhere to go except into global oneness.

     “Amanda! Hurry up and get that copy sent so we can get out of here,” called Rachel Vecler, a five foot seven, tom-boy, with mid-length auburn hair and brown eyes.

     Oh, Jeeze! I forgot to hit send, thought Amanda as she punched the key. “Sorry! I’m just so excited to be a part of all this! The interview with Catherine Sunsteen was awesome.”

     “Come, on. Don’t you think it’s kinda creepy? All those women and men being sterile? If you ask me, that’s a story worth digging into.”

     “What are you talking about? Minister Sunsteen said that they were looking into it. Besides, it is good that the world will be less populated…don’t you think? You science-types always read too much into stuff.”

     “Science-type? Since when don’t investigative journalists read too much into stuff? I really don’t understand how you can’t be more curious. Why should we be deciding how many people is too many? If you ask me, I keep wondering how the world is going to keep functioning with less people. Granted, we don’t need as many people in charge as we used to, but we still need people to work.”

     “Well, with the implementation of the updated version of the old United Nation’s Agenda 21, I think people will be able to produce all they need in a smaller area, so no, I don’t think we’ll need too many more people. Heck, as an anthropologist I’d think you’d be all for population control, after all isn’t that how nature has always taken care of itself—by reducing the number of people living in over populated areas?”

     “Okay, you got me there, but was this nature taking care of itself or a human mistake or plan to cause sterility in the population? And you know, when populations dwindled in the past they were built up again. What happens if we don’t have enough of a population to sustain society?” Pointing to the poster proclaiming the wonders of the new global government initiative, Rachel continued, “With the United Global States of the Earth set up as the world government, it should be easy enough for the sustainable development provisions to be implemented, but there are still pockets of resistance, and if not enough people are born, we will have a hard time having enough workers in 100 years. Sustainable development won’t be sustainable without workers.” Folding her arms across her chest and shaking her head, she continued, “There are too many unanswered questions and I’m afraid very soon there’ll be another war.”

     “Another war?! The global meltdown of 2015 is something that will never be allowed to happen again. First, guns have been made illegal except for the military, and hate speech is illegal. Second, people seem to have accepted the new government and constitution and have settled down. Of course, all the religious zealots are being taken care of everywhere—”

     “Except America and the Middle East.”

     “Well, soon enough I think they’ll fall in line. My father says things are coming together much better than anyone expected. Some kind of thing going on in the desert of California, and the New Life Foundation. I guess they merged with Techne-Corp and are planning to help affect the changes coming with total sustainable development. Believe me, the people at the top know what they’re doing.”

     “And who’s going to be watching the people at the top?”

     “Ummm…I’m not sure. How about we quit talking and think about going out on the town. I heard there is this new band playing at The Music Bar tonight…something like Windy or The Wind or something that has wind in it! You up for it?!” questioned Amanda, in her usual ADD way.

     “Yeah, why not, I’ve got nothin’ better to do!”

     “Great! I’ll see you at ten!” Skipping away, Amanda added, “Later!”

     Sighing and rolling her eyes, Rachel called, “Yeah, Later!”